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 Fitchburg Community
Voices Project

Welcome, Fitchburg Community!


Are you ready to ignite the energy and drive change in our beloved city? Introducing the Fitchburg Community Voices Project, a movement fueled by passion and dedicated to cultivating extraordinary projects and businesses.


As Fitchburg secures substantial funding for arts, culture, and community development, we recognize the immense value of your voice. It's time to take action! Simply scan the QR code or click the link below and participate in our survey to help shape a Fitchburg that radiates with awesomeness.


Together, let's unlock the potential of a thriving arts and culture scene, and create a place that embraces diversity like no other. Your input holds the key to making our vision a reality. Join us now and let's embark on a journey to create a Fitchburg that surpasses all expectations. Get ready to make a difference and join the Fitchburg Community Voices Project.


Together, we'll make our city off-the-charts amazing!

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