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 The Brand 

The Process

The first step? Engage representatives of key stakeholder groups—Fitchburg champions—to actively participate in a branding process to help bring the district to life, both in narrative and visually.


These Fitchburg champions included residents, local and regional artists, arts stakeholders, law enforcement, service organizations, and the business community. They were actively involved in the brand development process from beginning to end and agree that the resulting brand is an authentic presentation of the neighborhood and its aspirations.


  • Sharon Bernard, Director of Fitchburg
    Public Library

  • Peter Capodagli, Boulder Arts Gallery

  • Pastor Cespedes, Executive Pastor, Crossroads Community Church

  • Audrey Chow, Curious Escape Rooms

  • Matt Fournier, Elite Construction and Design

  • Cheryl Gaudreau, Enterprise Bank

  • Melissa Gates, Lifelong resident

  • Ydalia Heimann, Centro! Fitchburg office

  • Lt. Jeff Howe, Fitchburg Police

  • Kim Jones, Owner, Strong Style Coffee

  • Monica McNamara, Artist

  • Bill McSheehy, Resident

  • Marissa Montero, Organizer, Salsa on the Riverfront

  • Stephanie Puente, Centro! Worcester office

  • Francisco Ramos, NewVue Communities

  • Sam Squailia, City Counselor


The Visual Brand

The intown logo, intentionally all lowercase, is inviting and friendly. The name, a reference to downtown in times past and rooted in Fitchburg planning documents, is emphasized through a two-color treatment. While the logo type is bold and determined, it has, upon closer inspection, imperfect edges. This gives the logo an authentic personality aligned with that of the neighborhood. The logo is noticeably at an incline. This alludes to the neighborhood’s aspiration to become the best of all that it is. The primary colors of the logo are a warm, optimistic yellow and a deep ‘Fitchburg’ red, colors that speak to the neighborhood’s future.

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