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 The Neighborhood 

The Fitchburg Strategic Plan for Economic Development provides a vision for a successful economic future for Fitchburg. One action of the plan is to develop a downtown Fitchburg arts and culture district in the heart of the North of Main neighborhood.

The Story

Fitchburg sits on the banks of the north branch of the Nashua River. The river attracted Native Americans, then waves of European immigrants. More recently, new arrivals include people fleeing repressive governments, natural disasters, and those who have no country to call their own. Churches, organizations and individuals are seeking ways to help build a strong, inclusive community, while respecting each and every culture.


What is culture? It’s a way of life. Downtown Fitchburg is becoming an environment where people from many cultures can make their own unique contributions to the neighborhood. Whether making art, performing, sharing stories, or introducing new foods and traditions, this is where people are encouraged to express themselves.


There are times when you get a real feel for the essence of this neighborhood. At events like Trick or Treat on Main or National Night Out, you see hundreds of families from a diverse array of cultures, standing side by side. They come together to have a good time. But events like these have the power to do more than entertain. They change perceptions about the neighbors and the neighborhood.

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